Round Table Discussion on Child Sexual Abuse

Professor Emerita Rhoda Reddock

The Institute of Gender Studies was most pleased at being able to facilitate Professor Rhoda Reddock’s visit to Guyana on April 29th and April 30th in partnership with the WGEC and the Vice-Chancellor’s office (Renaissance Public Lecture). The Round Table discussion on Child Sexual Abuse that involved NGOs and other stakeholders was informative as participants shared information on incestuous relationships that included mothers and sons; the difficulty young males have in saying “NO” to sex and sexual exploitation because of homophobia; resistance to sex education in schools while lewd conversations between young and old occur on street corners etc.; the need to hold the State accountable so that professionals are paid to do much needed work; the fact that corporeal punishment lays the ground work for sexual abuse especially with young children who often do not understand the difference! Much was shared in a most vibrant session. We thank all the participants including those that remained overtime! IGS is strong with community support and the support of such scholars like Professor (Emerita) Rhoda Reddock! Thank you.