Carla Barnett

Dr. Carla Barnett Dr. Carla N. Barnett Carla Natalie Barnett, Ph.D. is a trained economist with extensive work experience in the areas […]


Andaiye Andaiye “I’m not saying this to be pessimistic. I’m saying it to say that we all know that if we want […]

Gina Miller

Gina N. Miller Gina N. Miller Gina Nadira Miller is the Guyanese-British woman who took the British Government to court for its implementation […]

Professor Rhoda Reddock

Professor Emerita Rhoda Reddock Professor Rhoda Reddock​ Rhoda Reddock is emerita professor of Gender, Social Change and Development and former deputy campus […]

Claudette I. Humphrey

Claudette I. Humphrey Claudette I. Humphrey The first female Olympian from Guyana (then British Guiana) isClaudette Izel Humphrey (nee Masdammer). Born in […]

Yvonne Y. Clark

Yvonne Young Clark Yvonne Y. Clarke Say her name! Yvonne Young Clark! Yvonne Young Clark was an ASI fellow and the first […]