Promoting Reflection as Practice.

To “reflect” means to think deeply, thoughtfully and carefully about something. It may be an incident in one’s own life or another’s. It may be about something artistic that has been presented. Reflection aids in developing critical enquiry and critical thinking.



IGS also offers workshops to facilitate Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Integration


The Institute of Gender Studies (IGS) writes the syllabus for courses that the Institute will offer and that will be offered in conjunction with other departments at the University.

About the Institute


The Institute of Gender Studies (IGS) at the University comes under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and its Director reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Engagement. It is the goal of the IGS to fulfill The University’s mission of offering a focused, inclusive and empowering program of education designed at correcting systemic inequities and promoting reflective practice. The Institute is envisioned as one for transformational teaching, learning and leadership and consistent with The University of Guyana’s regulations will:

  • Offer certificate and credit courses designed to critically analyze, from a human rights and social justice standpoint, cultures, institutions, individuals and intellectual ideas.
  • Facilitate research and other program/project activities;
  • Address gender-related issues pertinent to the personal and academic success of undergraduate and postgraduate students;
  • Develop policy and make policy recommendations on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, teaching and outreach program and activities related to gender mainstreaming.
  • Work to advance a national agenda on women and gender studies.
  • Maintain and share course materials and resource data for IGS inter-faculty and inter-campus teaching;

“… I would like to recommend IGS workshops to everybody, I think everybody should be aware of who they are and I think these workshops have the power to do that…”

Former Student Nkofi Hodge speaking on his experiences after attending one of our workshops.



Our work in the Institute of Gender Studies at the University of Guyana speaks to the need for gender responsive budgeting and the development of an effective program involving courses and workshops that address patriarchal systems of oppression.  As well, we must examine our violent and destructive colonial past, historical memory and the need to confront and dismantle walls based on intersecting discriminatory and genocidal ideas of gender, race, class, religion, ability, age, sexuality and more.  

Gender Studies at UG, under my directorship, advocates reaching outward to engage the system. Students in our courses and programs are required to analyze the social and political structures that inform their realities. They are given more than simply marginal opportunity to examine the complexity of the networks of relations in what has become an increasingly “technocratic” society that threatens to dull their sensitivity to the moral or ethical issues in their local and global communities. In the Gender Studies classroom, students are challenged to examine themselves and their societies from revolutionary and liberatory standpoints for sustainable families and communities. 

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Dr. Pauline E. Bullen
Institute Gender Studies

Our team


Dr. Pauline Bullen has occasioned a new approach in her Leadership style at the Institute of Gender Studies which inspires hope and provides motivation for students who aspire to acquire knowledge about Gender Equality and Gender Perspectives at IGS. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is exemplified by her ability to address thorny issues surrounding Sex, Sexuality, Socialization, Biological differences, Patriarchy and Toxic masculinity."


Nicole Cole
Commissioner, Rights of the Child Commission

“Dr. Bullen’s networking skills are awesome.  IGS is poised to deliver the requisite competencies and behavioral modification skills for a socially cohesive and advancing Guyana.

Professor Michael Scott
Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Engagement

“I am happy to see that the Institute of Gender Studies is in operation. I have benefited from the community engagement of its predecessor Women's Studies Unit and I am happy that the IGS maintains the same philosophy of interacting with the community. I am glad that the Director Dr Pauline Bullen, has sought to network and ensure that the work of the IGS is connected to the needs of the society."

Vidyaratha Kissoon
Citizen with an interest in gender equality

“I am a student and a staff (Secretary) at the University of Guyana. I have attended each event held on campus by IGS since August 2017 to February 2018 and was even asked spontaneously to participate during an event for the 16 Days of Activism against Violence in our communities. I am able to take the knowledge I have gained and use it in my day-to-day life. The events have been emotional, educational, moving and uplifting.”

Nikita Reid
Secretary, Personnel Division, University of Guyana

I would like to extend appreciation to IGS for the outstanding work it has been doing since it came into existence under Dr. Bullen’s stewardship. I do believe that we as a society have the power and ability to create and promote positive change. IGS has started such a movement by educating and providing platforms for persons like myself to dissect the current social truths that exist in our society. On-behalf of myself and Team SWAG, we would like to take this opportunity to offer sincere thanks to Dr. Bullen and her assistants - hardworking vibrant pioneers, for being so organized and methodical in the execution of the events hosted by the Institute. Great job guys!!

Terianna Bisnauth
Chairperson, SASOD

"I attended the first event on ‘how gender is conceptualized and actualized in Indigenous communities’, organized by the IGS under the direction of Dr. Pauline Bullen, and I fully support the work being done by the Institute to bring new conversations to the academic arena and public."

Dr Raquel Thomas-Caesar
Director, Resource Management and Training, Iwokrama
Dr. Carla N. Barnett

In this section we feature a woman who excelled in her field and has been a inspiration for all women to follow.

Dr. Carla Barnett

On August 15, 2021, Dr. Carla Natalie Barnett was appointed the first woman and 8th Secretary-General (SG) of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Dr. Barnett is also the first Belizean to be appointed to the post.

Since the establishment of CARICOM in 1973, the appointment of the first female is recognized as a major milestone. In her first address, the new SG recognizes that the community is faced with ever increasing challenges which is further propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges affect not only our livelihoods, but our youth, environment and health. Therefore the call for a more resilient and sustainable future within the region is ever more pressing. As the new Secretary-General takes up her post, she reminds all, “I am here to serve.”

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